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Electronic signature
for training.

No more chasing conventions, regulations and other documents.
Send your documents to all your learners for signature at the click of a button.

Filling automatic

No need to enter data manually.
Use the data on Edusign.
Generate documents for all your learners in just a few clicks.

Send to all your learners... at the same time

With Edusign, sign once and send the document for signature to all your learners..
No need to sign for each learner.

Secure eIDAS compliant s

Edusign is used by hundreds of organizations every day.
Our certificates and security features take the hassle out of it.

secure document signature edusign png


Switching to electronic signatures offers significant benefits, including paper savings and improved productivity, as you can send as many documents as you like in 1 second.

There are three levels of electronic signature: simple, advanced and qualified.

The choice of signature level depends on the type of documents to be signed.

However, it’s important to strike the right balance between convenience and security, because as the signature level increases, so do the requirements.

The eIDAS regulation establishes the legal rules for the use and recognition of electronic signature certificate issuance services in the member countries of the European Union.

Probably 😉

Edusign connects with hundreds of software applications on the market.

If a connection isn’t available, we can develop it, or you can connect via our API. Take a look at some of our integrations.

Integrate Edusign with your everyday applications.

Included with Edusign?

eIDAS compliant

24/7 assistance

Open API

Servers and data in France

Secure archiving

No obligation