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“Getting to grips with the tool is easy, it’s a thorn in my side.”

Speakers and learners found it easy to get to grips with the tool, an advantage for the school, which wastes no time. Rocket School students use the Edusign mobile application. In this way, they can justify their absences and sign in for their courses, while having access to a calendar.

Rocket School

“One of the cheapest rates on the market for a quality service.”

For Formatex, it was essential to find a simple, flexible solution that would not overload the already complicated face-to-face training process, with learners working alongside the formatter. Edusign is the solution that has enabled us to offer high quality distance learning to our customers.


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A human service

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2 million attendance sheets generated in 2022

A turnkey solution tailored to your needs

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Yes, Edusign offers 3 different signature modes for all training situations:

  • QR code generation
  • Code/link generation
  • Email signature
  • NFC signature
  • Synchronization with student cards

Email signatures can be used to sign attendance forms remotely, while the QR code scan mode is perfect for face-to-face training.

Protecting your data is one of our top priorities.

Our servers are secured by SSL certificate, and your documents are certified via RGS* certificate and then archived in an electronic safe.

Find out more about our rigorous standards in our transparent RGPD policy.

No, our system changes the QR code to be scanned every 7 seconds, which makes it impossible to scan it to register if the person is not in the room.

You can generate a cheat report from the Edusign application, which will show you the names of the learners involved in the cheat, the date and name of the session concerned, and the device used.

Time stamping and our secure account system are additional layers of protection.

Yes, our team can provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

We can adjust colors, logos, create a dedicated application and much more.

Videos, guides and articles are available free of charge on Edusign. If you’re on the Professional or Organizational plan, a video demonstration is available.

In all cases, the Edusign team is available to answer any questions you may have.