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Hiring rate of school students

Founded in 2018, Rocket School hopes to find “the anti-unemployment algorithm”. This school is a forerunner in the world of training. Cyril Pierre de Geyer, its founder, wants to give all his learners access to start-up positions. Indeed, since its creation, Rocket Schol has trained over 1,500 people, with a return-to-work rate of 94%. In just three years, six campuses have been opened in major French cities.

In search of an effective tool

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, distance learning is in the spotlight. Training organizations are obliged to train their learners remotely. For this, dematerialized attendance sheets are an asset. Rocket School has come up with a solution for an online sign-in tool. But pedagogical director Benjamin Boudet wasn’t convinced of the results it would bring to his school. The aim was to find the solution that best met their expectations.

We wanted to find something easier to use, that would meet the needs and expansion we were experiencing with the opening of different campuses in France.

In 2021, the school is once again looking for a management tool, a better tool that is compatible with their operations. Rocket School decides to partner with Edusign. The speakers are at the heart of the project. With a platform dedicated to them, they can take roll calls and send sign-in sheets to learners for signature. Learners sign the attendance sheets in 2 clicks for each half-day of training. Training managers can then retrieve learners’ attendance and absences. This enables them to invoice their public co-funders and recover essential funding for Rocket School.

Setting up Edusign

Before the start of the school year, we set up the sessions and attendance sheets. We check that all participants have sent in their sheets and that learners have signed them.

Thanks to the tool’s templates, the company was able to prepare in advance. Edusign can be used as a connector with over 1,000 software applications, but it also works well without other software.

We don't necessarily need to connect other software, as it's perfectly usable as it is, but we're going to think about it for statistical purposes.

With three stakeholders – administrators, stakeholders and learners – requiring multiple interfaces, Edusign is fluid for Rocket School.

It's easy to get to grips with the tool, which is one less thorn in your side.

Speakers and learners found it easy to get to grips with the tool, an advantage for the school, which wastes no time. Rocket School students use the Edusign mobile application. In this way, they can justify their absences and sign in for their courses, while having access to a calendar.

The organization has been able to evolve with electronic sign-in. As a result, time savings are visible for teaching managers. In fact, the time spent on attendance sheets has been drastically reduced since the implementation of Edusign.

Half an hour a day is enough to enter the speakers in the right sessions, checking who was present, bearing in mind that there are between 2 and 4 training sessions a day.

Although Edusign offers reactive support 7 days a week, the director explains that he doesn’t need to contact support in the event of a problem. “There’s a crystal-clear aspect to the tool, with the right video in each section”. The available sections can be used to help operators or administrators in difficulty.

Rocket School relies on pedagogical innovation and a specific recruitment process to give its students every chance of excelling in these new digital professions. And there’s nothing better than having Edusign on board.

Thanks again to the Rocket School teams for their confidence. We wish them the best of luck with their distance learning and classroom courses.

If you too are looking for a simple solution for your training courses, try Edusign free for 14 days.