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Teams, the possibilities?

Microsoft Teams does not allow you to generate timesheets natively. However, certain add-ins available in Teams can be used to generate connection records. What’s more, as soon as a learner is connected to his or her Teams training session, his or her name appears in the videoconference menus and he or she can be considered present.

It is therefore important to study the difference between a connection record and a sign-in sheet. An attendance sheet is a document required by the official authorities. The attendance sheet is often used to justify a participant’s attendance at a training course, so that funding can be released by the OPCO, Pôle emploi, the region or another funding body. Connection records, on the other hand, do not have this official character, and jurisprudence does not recognize them in the same way as training attendance sheets. However, a logbook can be useful for personal purposes.

To ensure the financing of training courses, digital sign-in solutions are available. For example, by connecting Edusign to Microsoft Teams to register participants, an official attendance sheet can be generated. In addition, Edusign can be connected to Teams, but can also be used offline. In this way, it is possible to have a Teams sign-in easily, by signature via email, signature via QR code scan or directly with a Teams sign-in via an included popup.

What are the advantages of online registration on Teams?

Online enrolment on Teams helps secure training funding, but that’s not all. Establishing a connection between Microsoft Teams and digital sign-in software allows you to :

  • Reduce paper
  • Provide a better experience for participants and trainers
  • Increase productivity (Edusign customers divide their management time by 5 on average).
  • Centralize data
  • Secure your data
  • Limit or eliminate fraud

The benefits of Teams enrolment go far beyond those of electronic signatures and the assurance of training assuidity. Tracking is real-time, centralized and secure. This automates the enrolment process. To go even further, Edusign can be connected to your training management software. Discover the integration possibilities.

It is also possible to dematerialize evaluation and satisfaction questionnaires, or documents such as certificates of completion, for training on Edusign. These functions are available immediately, before or after Teams has been signed off.

How do you get your learners started and enrolled on Teams?

It is possible to use a screenshot to attest to the presence of learners in training on Microsoft Teams. However, this method is not without risk. The easiest way to do this is to use a software program that dematerializes attendance sheets. Ideally, this software connects to Teams and your management software to automate data import.

However, you can get started straight away with Edusign. Registration is just a few clicks away, and you can import your information via Excel file while you wait for a full connection. Teams training sessions can then include digital sign-off on or off Teams.

Integrate Edusign with your everyday applications.