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Time saved per day with Edusign


Years of expertise


Companies in their environment

ISTEC is a business and marketing school. Founded in 1961, ISTEC has over 60 years of expertise. Located in the heart of Paris, the school is the only campus in France. ISTEC’s strength lies in developing its expertise in close collaboration with professionals from all business sectors. Today, ISTEC brings together nearly 3,000 companies in its environment to help you find internships, jobs or work-study programs. The school works with 63 destinations around the world, and also offers 4 semesters of study in foreign universities.


Promotional staff use sign-in sheets on a daily basis to check student attendance. Before finding a management tool, the school used to prepare attendance sheets in Excel. This consumed a huge ton of paper. The promotion managers had to process function by function and course by course. Timothée, a bachelor promotion officer, describes the daily routine as “heavy on management”.

The arrival of a dematerialization tool

In (2020), change is needed at ISTEC. Doing away with paper attendance sheets, and reducing the time spent on them, is a challenge. The school teamed up with Edusign. A renewal for the school that makes life easier on a daily basis. Instead of spending two hours a day on the sign-in sheets, it now only takes 30 minutes to enter all the attendance sheets. The software is very easy to use, and the promotion managers have quickly got the hang of it.

Everything is very well explained.

says Aurélie, master promotion manager. In fact, Edusign has a number of items related to operation.

Getting to grips with the tool in front of operators and students

For students, using Edusign was easy. Digital is one of the main assets of the new generations, so mastering the tool was easier. On the other hand, according to Timothé, it was more “complicated” for the speakers.

A long time ago, attendance sheets were on Excel. A real pain in the ass. The arrival of Edusign changed everything.

Key uses of the tool

For ISTEC, several uses of the tool help them to improve their management. Enrolment, proof of absence and certificates of achievement are fundamental to their production. These uses save promotion managers a considerable amount of time. The company describes Edusign as

easy to use, with fast response to problems on the platform

Saving time is also one of the strengths that ISTEC defines for Edusign.

Thanks again to the ISTEC teams for their confidence. We wish them the best of luck with their distance and face-to-face training courses.

If you too are looking for a simple solution for your training courses, try Edusign free of charge for 14 days.