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Zoom loading, the possibilities

There are several ways to get your learners to sign in during a zoom training course. First of all, you need to make sure that you really want to obtain an “emargement”, which is a signature rather than an attendance record. Digital and handwritten signatures can have the same legal value.

Zoom cannot be used to generate attendance sheets with signatures. Zoom is not designed to generate official attendance sheets. As a result, videoconference participants cannot obtain their funding without a signature. As a result, training sign-in tools such as Edusign enable participants to sign in online during a Zoom training session.

Zoom login and digital sign-in

The Zoom connection log is a tool available directly in the videoconferencing tool. This feature enables you to check the presence of participants in a Zoom session, without having to take any action at this level. However, this solution does not act as a Zoom attendance sheet, and the Californian company declines all responsibility in the event of refusal of proof of attendance by OPCOs and other training funders.

Zoom registration is made possible via Edusign, the only solution to offer the official electronic signature accepted by funding bodies for Zoom videoconferences. The connection between the two software packages means that it is not necessary to enter the information of participants, learners and trainers twice in Zoom and the management software. Zoom sessions are automatically created by Edusign in Zoom. Attendance sheets are then signed on Zoom via the application, email or even a signature link. Zoom session registration and sign-in are child’s play for administrators.

View participants, registration and survey

To view participants on Zoom, simply open the right-hand panel on the software. In this way, you can monitor and control learner attendance and participation during the videoconference. Zoom registration is based on information entered in advance. Once this administrative task has been automated, the trainer and participants can concentrate on the content of the exchange.

As a result, questionnaires become a tool for engaging participants once they have signed up. Indeed, ensuring attendance is not an end in itself, and Edusign helps training organizations, universities, colleges and companies to energize visios with online survey. Whether it’s a survey or an MCQ, Edusign’s online questionnaires can be used to track participants before, during or after the videoconference.

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