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What's the point of using Edusign webhooks ?

Les Webhooks Edusign vous permettent d’automatiser de nombreuses tâches à partir de vos données et actions sur Edusign.

Why use Edusign webhooks ?

Integrate webhooks to go further. Integration between cloud software is key to increasing productivity when running systems.

Integration enables the automation of existing enterprise systems. Coupled with Edusign’s signature system, the company becomes more productive in training. Customers have more diverse forms in a matter of moments.

The guide and presentation can be adapted to training with multiple possibilities. Importing resources enables a wide range of possibilities to be customized.

How do I connect to Edusign webhooks ?

To use this feature, please visit the Edusign API documentation.

Webhooks are available via your Edusign administrator space.

Integrate Edusign with your everyday applications.