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Identify automatically truant students
and increase their attendance


Alerts identify students who don’t meet your criteria and automatically notify the people you want to be notified.

Simple and foolproof

Avoid the margin of error in recording absences and late arrivals. Opt for a simple, foolproof tool…

Automate time-consuming tasks.

0 unnecessary email exchanges.Alert parents, learners, supervisors, administrators…
Notify from Edusign, by e-mail or webhook notification.

alert set up edusign png

Organize your alerts.

Personalize as you see fit
Aiming for seamless organization? Add specific names and colors to your alerts for greater clarity.
Archive, deactivate
Has your alert been triggered? Archive it for later. Have the rules changed? Deactivate it with no extra effort

Program your triggers
to measure

Set your alerts according to your conditions

Set your alerts according to your conditions

Add your filters

Add your filters

Choose who to notify and how

Choose who to notify and how

It's scheduled!

The alert will be triggered automatically according to your settings

Our customers reviews

“Getting to grips with the tool is easy, it’s a thorn in my side.”

Speakers and learners found it easy to get to grips with the tool, an advantage for the school, which wastes no time. Rocket School students use the Edusign mobile application. In this way, they can justify their absences and sign in for their courses, while having access to a calendar.

Rocket School

“One of the cheapest rates on the market for a quality service.”

For Formatex, it was essential to find a simple, flexible solution that would not overload the already complicated face-to-face training process, with learners working alongside the formatter. Edusign is the solution that has enabled us to offer high quality distance learning to our customers.


Integrate Edusign with your everyday applications.